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My husband went to an auction….

One of my friends told me that I need to let my sense of humor show through in my blogs. Well the timing could not be better for me to follow that advice. This past week I was planning to go to an auction but was having such a good time visiting my son in Boston that I decided to send my husband to the auction. I gave him some advice as to what items I needed for the shop and what he should pay for those items.

My first piece of advice. Go to the preview to check out the quality…turns out he was too busy at work so didn’t get to the auction until it started….first mistake.

Second piece of advice, don’t buy anything oak…the first text he sends me, “You now own a nice oak camode”. I reply back, “NO OAK” He texts back, “Sorry Forgot!” He said the price was so good that he got so excited he had to buy it. He actually did ok with that item, good price, good shape, clean.

His first buy…

Next text from him…”You now own a drop leaf “ this point I am starting to get distracted from my nice dinner with my son and daughter as we start following his auction texts. I send him back a message, “Drop leaf what???”…he responds back with the words “cherry and table”…he did awesome with this. This is a nice piece, great detail and in great shape. I sent him back a very complimentary text.


cherry drop leaf table…his second buy

Now the texts are flying back and forth as he is in middle of his first solo trip to an auction and he is feeling confident and sends me a text. “Can I buy something oak?”…I respond back “No oak!”. He responds back, “The prices are unbelievable on the oak things”…I kindly reply back, because no one is buying oak…”How about mahogany, the prices are low”…”No mahogany” I text back…”Need any chairs, going for $10″…”No I don’t want any $10 chairs in my shop…you need to check the quality”.

A couple of hours later, and many texts later, I get one from him “just bought a nice red blanket chest”….I reply back, “details”..his response..”red and wood”. At this point I am really starting to wonder about this man I married 28 years ago. However, this turned out to be a great buy and his best item of the night. It is a dovetailed pine chest in excellent condition, all original with chamfered top. I am thinking of keeping this one for our house, but it is in the shop (for now).

Great red trunk...item #3

Great red trunk…item #3

He also bought another green painted pine blanket chest..,that one I am not posting pictures of, until I figure out how I am going to repurpose it. Have I mentioned yet, he forgot his glasses, was standing in the back of the room and he told me he really couldn’t see what he was buying. He said he was going by the auctioner’s descriptions…honestly I am not making any of this up.

He did buy some great mirrors and some smalls, and with the exception of the green pine chest, everything went right into the shop. So come on in for a visit and I will show you his great finds.

So all in all it was a good night for the both of us, I got to spend some quality time with my son, and the texts flying back and forth became very amusing. My husband did very well and came home with a truck full of great finds. He is now all excited about attending the upcoming auctions. I may have to start a whole new blog on his adventures….” My husband went to an auction…”

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you soon.

Warm regards, Anne


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