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Having the “weekend off”

Appletree Cottage really is a labor of love for me. I love every part of my “job”, from going on buying trips; bringing an old neglected piece back to its glory with a little elbow grease and paint; repurposing a unique find; or creating something new from some random pieces and forms. I love going to auctions, flea markets and yard sales on that constant journey to find that special piece at a great price for the shop. I also look forward to and enjoy my time chatting with the shop regulars and meeting new people for the first time. There is not one part of my “job” I dislike. Well that is not entirely true… I don’t like paying bills; dealing with the finances; having to dust and vacuum. Ok, you know what I mean…I do love what I do!


Debi worked for me Saturday so I was lucky to have the weekend “off”. I woke up early Saturday to work on some furniture, go through my spring inventory, and plan for a road trip for a pickin’ Saturday. Eight hours later w/ a truck full of finds I had no choice but to head home. I really need to get a larger vehicle because I left too many good things behind.


Sunday I was up at sunrise for my first Todd Farm trip of the year. As much as I love Todd Farm, I am not a morning person. But it is amazing how caffeine and the thrill of the hunt can wake you up. It was a great start to the season, I found some nice items for the shop’s garden section. I also found some tired pieces that I look forward to working on. Those are in storage for the time being, in queue, for my Monday and Tuesday “days off”.


My day was not done though, I needed to refresh the shop with the spring and garden items. My helpful husband “volunteered” to help me bring in a couple more truckloads of items. Of course, I can’t just bring things in, might as well rearrange while I am at it. Did I mention I didn’t know (or cared) that The Masters final round was today?

So after a couple of hours of rearranging I decided to leave the rest until tomorrow…my Monday day off…


I will be posting pictures of the shop’s new look and new inventory this coming week on Facebook. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards, Anne


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