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Sometimes When You Least Expect It…


Sometimes in this business when you least expect it, you get surprised and lucky. Today my husband suggested I take a break from furniture refinishing to go out for lunch. Well, that was an incredibly good idea as we discovered a new picking spot. My new favorite (until I find my next favorite one)! The above items (not including the orange table I am stripping) were all we could fit in our SUV as we were not expecting to go picking. There are so many great items I left behind. I had to make a tough decision on what could fit in the SUV, some more industrial pieces or my husband. Since it was his idea and he was paying for lunch he got the last spot…

The locker is a great piece as is. Wooden ladders have been popular and the three I found are the right size. I will be making some mirrors out of the metal letters. How cool will a “U”mirror be. I will add some antique hooks to the wooden back splash to make an interesting wall rack.

I will also be making some table lamps out of the old glass fuel bottles and some pendant lamps out of the old carriage wheels.


It was a great day and so unexpected. I will post pictures as soon as these projects are completed.

Warm regards, Anne


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