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The thrill of the find…


The February snow has seemed to be relentless. Today the weather finally cooperated which allowed Gregg & I to go out for one of our Sunday picking trips. Even though we have been taking these Sunday trips for years, we still try to search out new spots, isn’t that half the fun? Today we headed to mid-Coast, Maine for a day of shopping.

For the better part of the day, I just couldn’t seem to find that item that catches my eye and would make a nice addition to the shop. Unfortunately, some days that is the way it goes. But the thrill of the find always seems to keep me going, isn’t that the reason we all have gotten into this business?

Funny, it only takes one stop to make a successful shopping day. On our way home, we decided to check out a stop where we have had mixed results in the past. Turned out to be a good choice.

I managed to find some spring garden items that are going to go nicely with the spring items I have been stocking up on. I am going to repurpose the antique hanging metal basket and I will be making some funky tops for the metal stacking tables.

I love this business. I love shopping and the thrill of the hunt to find those great items for the shop.

Warm regards, Anne


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