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Sometimes When You Least Expect It…


Sometimes in this business when you least expect it, you get surprised and lucky. Today my husband suggested I take a break from furniture refinishing to go out for lunch. Well, that was an incredibly good idea as we discovered a new picking spot. My new favorite (until I find my next favorite one)! The above items (not including the orange table I am stripping) were all we could fit in our SUV as we were not expecting to go picking. There are so many great items I left behind. I had to make a tough decision on what could fit in the SUV, some more industrial pieces or my husband. Since it was his idea and he was paying for lunch he got the last spot…

The locker is a great piece as is. Wooden ladders have been popular and the three I found are the right size. I will be making some mirrors out of the metal letters. How cool will a “U”mirror be. I will add some antique hooks to the wooden back splash to make an interesting wall rack.

I will also be making some table lamps out of the old glass fuel bottles and some pendant lamps out of the old carriage wheels.


It was a great day and so unexpected. I will post pictures as soon as these projects are completed.

Warm regards, Anne


Summer Vacation/Fall Changes!


The shop will be closed Saturday August 10 through Friday August 16, reopening on Saturday August 17! I will be on “vacation”; completing some projects for the shop, finishing up some home projects, going on a buying trip, helping my middle son get ready for his junior year at college, and maybe sneaking off for a night or two with my husband.

Our family vacation was this past week. We went to Nantucket and had a wonderful time, the weather was spectacular. We took a jeep trip to Great Point, had a sunset picnic on Dionnis Beach, and generally just relaxed. Thank you so much Colleen for running the shop for the week!

I have some changes planned for the shop starting in September, that include modifying the hours to stay open later during the week. I may even have some “happy hour specials”. I am excited to welcome a new dealer September 1. Debbie has been a great addition to the shop and I know you will be pleased with the new dealer. Details and pictures to follow.

Planning has started for some fall and holiday events, including Appletree’s 3rd Anniversary! It has been amazing how fast the 3 years have gone. I recently joined the Hampton Area Chamber and look forward to meeting fellow business owners.

In closing, I want to thank all of you that have visited the shop over the past 3 years. Your kind words and referrals to your friends and family are very much appreciated. It is not always easy running a small business but your support and friendship make it all worthwhile. The shop is still evolving and please know you have inspired and motivated me to make the shop even better!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and look for the shop changes this fall!

Warm regards, Anne

Having the “weekend off”

Appletree Cottage really is a labor of love for me. I love every part of my “job”, from going on buying trips; bringing an old neglected piece back to its glory with a little elbow grease and paint; repurposing a unique find; or creating something new from some random pieces and forms. I love going to auctions, flea markets and yard sales on that constant journey to find that special piece at a great price for the shop. I also look forward to and enjoy my time chatting with the shop regulars and meeting new people for the first time. There is not one part of my “job” I dislike. Well that is not entirely true… I don’t like paying bills; dealing with the finances; having to dust and vacuum. Ok, you know what I mean…I do love what I do!


Debi worked for me Saturday so I was lucky to have the weekend “off”. I woke up early Saturday to work on some furniture, go through my spring inventory, and plan for a road trip for a pickin’ Saturday. Eight hours later w/ a truck full of finds I had no choice but to head home. I really need to get a larger vehicle because I left too many good things behind.


Sunday I was up at sunrise for my first Todd Farm trip of the year. As much as I love Todd Farm, I am not a morning person. But it is amazing how caffeine and the thrill of the hunt can wake you up. It was a great start to the season, I found some nice items for the shop’s garden section. I also found some tired pieces that I look forward to working on. Those are in storage for the time being, in queue, for my Monday and Tuesday “days off”.


My day was not done though, I needed to refresh the shop with the spring and garden items. My helpful husband “volunteered” to help me bring in a couple more truckloads of items. Of course, I can’t just bring things in, might as well rearrange while I am at it. Did I mention I didn’t know (or cared) that The Masters final round was today?

So after a couple of hours of rearranging I decided to leave the rest until tomorrow…my Monday day off…


I will be posting pictures of the shop’s new look and new inventory this coming week on Facebook. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards, Anne

Spring & Summer Hours

Just a reminder that I have switched back to my normal spring and summer hours. Open Tuesday through Saturday, now closed on Sundays. Sunday is my picking day now that spring is on the way! I do love to shop!

Hope to see you soon, Anne


My husband went to an auction….

One of my friends told me that I need to let my sense of humor show through in my blogs. Well the timing could not be better for me to follow that advice. This past week I was planning to go to an auction but was having such a good time visiting my son in Boston that I decided to send my husband to the auction. I gave him some advice as to what items I needed for the shop and what he should pay for those items.

My first piece of advice. Go to the preview to check out the quality…turns out he was too busy at work so didn’t get to the auction until it started….first mistake.

Second piece of advice, don’t buy anything oak…the first text he sends me, “You now own a nice oak camode”. I reply back, “NO OAK” He texts back, “Sorry Forgot!” He said the price was so good that he got so excited he had to buy it. He actually did ok with that item, good price, good shape, clean.

His first buy…

Next text from him…”You now own a drop leaf “ this point I am starting to get distracted from my nice dinner with my son and daughter as we start following his auction texts. I send him back a message, “Drop leaf what???”…he responds back with the words “cherry and table”…he did awesome with this. This is a nice piece, great detail and in great shape. I sent him back a very complimentary text.


cherry drop leaf table…his second buy

Now the texts are flying back and forth as he is in middle of his first solo trip to an auction and he is feeling confident and sends me a text. “Can I buy something oak?”…I respond back “No oak!”. He responds back, “The prices are unbelievable on the oak things”…I kindly reply back, because no one is buying oak…”How about mahogany, the prices are low”…”No mahogany” I text back…”Need any chairs, going for $10″…”No I don’t want any $10 chairs in my shop…you need to check the quality”.

A couple of hours later, and many texts later, I get one from him “just bought a nice red blanket chest”….I reply back, “details”..his response..”red and wood”. At this point I am really starting to wonder about this man I married 28 years ago. However, this turned out to be a great buy and his best item of the night. It is a dovetailed pine chest in excellent condition, all original with chamfered top. I am thinking of keeping this one for our house, but it is in the shop (for now).

Great red trunk...item #3

Great red trunk…item #3

He also bought another green painted pine blanket chest..,that one I am not posting pictures of, until I figure out how I am going to repurpose it. Have I mentioned yet, he forgot his glasses, was standing in the back of the room and he told me he really couldn’t see what he was buying. He said he was going by the auctioner’s descriptions…honestly I am not making any of this up.

He did buy some great mirrors and some smalls, and with the exception of the green pine chest, everything went right into the shop. So come on in for a visit and I will show you his great finds.

So all in all it was a good night for the both of us, I got to spend some quality time with my son, and the texts flying back and forth became very amusing. My husband did very well and came home with a truck full of great finds. He is now all excited about attending the upcoming auctions. I may have to start a whole new blog on his adventures….” My husband went to an auction…”

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you soon.

Warm regards, Anne

February Musings

Well it certainly has been an interesting week. We just finished digging out from a 2 ft snow storm!  At the beginning of this week I had a fun 4 day trip to the Market Square Show in Valley Forge, PA. This is my 4th time to the show and it seems to get better each year. This year I was especially impressed with the American Made section. I found some wonderful handmade items for the shop: unique signage, beautiful hand screened pillows, funky lamps and even a new candle line.nauticalmantle



As I mentioned in my January 1 post, and as you can see from these pictures, I am starting a new nautical room in the shop. It is really starting to come together with the signage, carvings, and a nice variety of seaside items. I was inspired to decoupage on sap buckets, enlarged antique postcards of seacoast NH beach scenes. They came out great ! You can see 2 of the buckets in these photos.

New items are arriving in the shop daily. This coming week I am expecting a couple of  deliveries of some very funky and unique tables and chairs, to go with my wide assortment of table and pendant lamps.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards, Anne

January thoughts….


Welcome to Appletree Cottage!

January is usually that quiet month where post holiday customer traffic drops off.

When I opened this shop, I wanted it to be unique and not the norm so I have been working hard to restock the shop so it is a fresh experience for all of you looking to get out of the house on these gray January days in New England.

table setting

Red and White English transfer ware

I have attended some auctions and estate sales; and have been digging through barns and basements for those interesting items for the shop. So far I have made 3 repurposed lamps that are featured on my Facebook page.

I also have this great vintage cabbage slicer that makes a great wall hanging as well as a nice pantry/linen cabinet that is the perfect size for the kitchen corner or bathroom.

Rustic pantry/linen cabinet

Rustic pantry/linen cabinet

Antique cabbage slicer

Antique cabbage slicer

So  come on in out of the cold and spend some time browsing. I’ll even make you a cup of coffee! I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards, Anne

Happy New Year…reflection and the future

Happy New Year! May 2013 be all you hope for!

antique door knob holders

As the new year starts, it is the time I reflect on the past year and plan for the new year. 2012 was the year of the new shop location. A year ago at this time I was contemplating moving, little did I know at the time, an opportunity to relocate would be coming my way. I relocated the shop in March and I have been very pleased with the move. I more than tripled the space, which allowed me to carry a nice variety of antiques of all sizes, pieces I made, and a nice assortment of items made by some very talented local artists. The holiday season was a great success. I was overwhelmed by the support of shop regulars and the many new friends I met.

home made stuff 12-31-12

In 2013 I will be further expanding the shop’s wide selection of eclectic and unique offerings. I have been talking with many talented local artists about carrying some of their items. I will be busy the next couple of months making all types of lights that were such a popular item last year. I am also going to expand my collection of nautical items, which was popular with both the shop regulars and tourists visiting the seacoast.

new window display 12-26-12

I have a number of local and out-of-state trips planned, searching for those unique items for the shop. I do love shopping! I will post my finds on this blog and Facebook.

If you have not already done so, please like Appletree Cottage on Facebook. Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support in 2012. Please stop in to get out of the cold and say hi. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards, Anne

2012 Appletree Cottage Blog in review!

I thought you may find the following information interesting regarding my blog/website. Thank you for your continued support! 

Warm regards, Anne

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,300 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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